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New reference in Germany

Recently, Automation carried out a project for a major governmental research agency. This comprised more than 20,000 employees, spread across more than 60 entities in Germany. They required vast amounts of data for their research, generated huge amounts of data internally and had to store all information produced for later use. A PMCDC was the ideal solution for them, as they needed a data centre extension, but had no more space in the existing buildings.

Automation’s PMCDC solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Fast deployment
  • Fixed price once content and layout are agreed on’.
  • Facility equipment sized per project - optimised efficiency, lower CAPEX and OPEX.
  • One responsibility: just one contractor to schedule and coordinate through the design and installation phase.
  • Easy de-locatable: the investment is not lost should the customer de-locate or move to another facility.
  • Repeated design and execution allows for continuous improvements; installation is done in a controlled factory environment with permanent testing and auditing
  • Enhanced agility and flexibility - CDC is aligned with customers’ business needs and future expansion.

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SAFE Prefabricated Datacenters, watch the video!


Datacenter Facilities

The BU ‘Datacenter Facilities’ is a spin-off from Automation, dedicated to Fixed and Containerized Datacenters.

It is the result of the unique combination of Electrical Power knowledge with the vast experience built in the Telecom world by realizing an installed base of 600 containers in Europe.

Representing a young, agile and dynamic engineering team, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions fulfilling customer requirements.

Datacenter Facilities stands for ICT vendor –independent competence center for design, manufacturing, servicing and monitoring of Datacenter solutions.

Projects ? Ideas ?
Plans ? Worries ?
Contact ‘Datacenter Facilities’ .

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What others say about us


Automation and its Prefabricated Modular Data Center Technology have been “scanned” by ‘451 Research’. ‘451 Research’ is currently the 4th largest analyst firm globally on Datacenters, after Gartner, IDC, … but with a particular focus on innovation. Fyi ‘451 Research’ have much stronger coverage of the datacenter technologies markets than the other large analyst firms, as well as on the EU datacenter services market.
The 451 Take: 
Automation is another long-standing vendor of prefabricated technical facilities that probably not many have heard of. Since its formation, the company has been serving primarily telecommunications companies and some selected industries, and it was only natural that its prefabricated modular datacenter business followed the same avenues. The company has more than proven that it is capable of designing and building enduring and reliable datacenters. Now it needs to make the datacenter world aware of that, and form partnerships that will open up many more doors.
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