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Automation uses cookies on its website ( This cookie policy (hereinafter referred to as “Cookie Policy”) informs you as a visitor of the website how to use it.

You are not obliged to accept all cookies. The acceptance of cookies is not a condition for a visit to the website. However, not all the applications of our website function optimally if not all the cookies are accepted.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small (text) files. When visiting the website of Automation, small (text) files are stored on, or access is obtained to previously placed (text) files by Automation on your peripheral equipment (computer, tablet, mobile phones etc). In the future when you as a user surf on the same site, the data stored in the cookies can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of previous activities of the user. Cookies work as a type of reminder for the website.

Cookies may be placed by both Automation itself (“First Party Cookies”) as well as by third parties (“Third Party Cookies”). In addition, they can be temporary (“session” cookies, these cookies disappear when your browser session closes), or permanent (“permanent cookies”, these cookies will be permanently placed on your device until they are manually removed).

There are different kinds of cookies:

  • Many of the cookies, the so-called functional session cookies are used to enhance your website visit. Cookies are used for the provision of services or for storing settings, such as the saving of your preferences (such as language).
  • The strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are, as its name suggests, strictly necessary to enable you to surf the website, or to make use of specific functionalities.
  • There are also tracking cookies. These are cookies that track and follow your behaviour on the website and are meant to offer you personalised adds on the basis of your surfing behaviour.
  • Next, there are the analytical/performance cookies. These cookies are used in order to prepare statistics of the surfing behaviour of visitors to a site. In this way, a more optimal user experience can be offered. These cookies analyse, among other things, the duration of the visits, the number of visitors, the pages of the website that are most visited, the order…
  • Finally, there are “third party cookies”. As already indicated, here it concerns the cookies placed by third parties on our website. For the cookies that are placed by these third parties, you need to consult the relevant statements made by these parties on their own websites.

Which Cookies does Automation use?

1. Statistics

Cookie name Provider Type Term
1 _ga http 2 years
2 _gat http Session
3 _gid http Session
4 collect pixel Session

2. Marketing

Cookie name Provider Type Term
5 GPS http Session
6 IDE http 2 years
7 PREF http 8 months
8 test_cookie http Session
9 VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE http 179 days
10 YSC http Session
11 yt.innertube::nextId html Persistent
12 yt.innertube::requests html Persistent
13 yt-remote-cast-installed html Session
14 yt-remote-connected-devices html Persistent
15 yt-remote-device-id html Persistent
16 yt-remote-fast-check-period html Session
yt-remote-session-app html Session
18 yt-remote-session-name html Session

How can I manage these cookies?

At the beginning of your visit to our website you have the possibility to decide whether or not to accept cookies, on the basis of a message at the bottom of each page.

If subsequently you want to manage your cookie settings, you can do so via your browser settings of your respective browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari…) or by means of the setting “Delete browsing history”.


Automation reserves the right to update this Cookie Policy and thus unilaterally change it. It is thus recommended to regularly consult the website and this Cookie Policy. As soon as a new cookie policy takes effect, your permission about the use of cookies will be asked again.

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