Automation SAFE All-in-One

SAFE All-in-One

Whether you’re building out edge compute, housing critical manufacturing information system (MIS) infrastructure, expanding your existing building or developing a disaster recovery site to assure your business continuity, Automation’s SAFE All-in-One is specifically designed to fulfill these needs.

The pressing demands of business on their IT infrastructure and of today’s ICT-evolution combined with Automation’s 20 years of experience has culminated in an outstanding design, integrating critical facilities in a single module, easy to deploy and maintain.

The inclusive design principle of on-site deployment in only 1 day resonates strongly with customers who feel pressured by business continuity and the demand to keep on-site disturbances as short as possible.

The SAFE All-in-One can be built with an integrated emergency generator in addition to the integration of all the cooling and power distribution. It can house from 1 to 12 IT-Racks and power a net IT Load of as much as 100KW.