Automation SAFE Multi-Unit All-in-One

SAFE Multi-Unit All-in-One

Modularization taken to the extreme while achieving staggered Capex as well as optimized Opex through a hypermodular growth concept. By combining SAFE All-in-One concepts and SAFE Multi-Unit Platform methodology Automation designed a pay-as-you-grow modular datacenter, starting from 20 racks all the way up to 200 racks in a single assembly, in small increments of 15 to 20 racks and 100KW to 150KW at a time.

The concept allows extensions in multiples by combining each SAFE Multi-Unit Platform All-in-One through a clever mechanical interconnect, without ever interfering with the business continuity of the entire site. This approach reduces the initial Capex to a minimum whilst providing growth for future expansion.