Automation SAFE Services

SAFE Logistics

Due to the growing need to deploy SAFE’s anywhere in the world, Automation has developed the SAFE Logistics service. The transport to site is provided by your trusted partner.

Automation’s Logistical Process

SAFE Process

Building on decades of experience in delivering complex solutions, Automation has developed the SAFE process to accompany our customers in delivering ICT projects in a reliable and swift way. From conception to physical deployment, Automation’s project management supports you every step of the process. From concept and design, seamlessly into the manufacturing of the SAFE.

During these first phases, the factory testing protocol is developed. In the presence of our customer, a full factory acceptance test is performed with optional load testing and fine tuning. The final step of the process consists of the deployment which includes the coordinated transport to site and the physical installation of the SAFE.

SAFE Process stages

SAFE Support

To top it all off, Automation offers full service support with regard to the SAFE units. We offer preventive, corrective support and optional remote monitoring services. Through our network of facility partners and resellers, we offer local intervention services for your SAFE, wherever installed.

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