Automation SAFE Multi-Unit Platform

SAFE Multi-Unit Platform

Where larger implementations are necessary or as an extension of existing infrastructure, the SAFE Multi-Unit Platform is a valid alternative. This range also includes the bespoke modularization solutions offered to industrial IoT customers. The 1 day on-site principle remains paramount in our approach and even in a multi-unit concept this remains of the essence. It translates in details how the connectivity between the individual units is implemented.

The SAFE Multi-Unit Platform can consist of individual IT modules, Power and UPS Modules, Cooling modules or combinations thereof. With this approach advantage can be taken of already installed components and technical facilities on a site.

Automation’s HPC solution designed for CERN, whereby 2 x 2MW net IT Load datacenters have to be built in support of the LHC upgrade, is a perfect example of the SAFE Multi-Unit Platform and Automation’s design philosophy.