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First delivery to Middle-East of SAFE Multi-Unit All-in-One Tier III Ready

Automation SAFE

Prefabricated Datacenter Solutions

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Automation Multi-unit

Prefabricated Datacenter Solutions

Discover SAFE Multi-Unit

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Prefabricated Datacenter Solutions

Automation’s SAFE (Secure, Autonomous, Flexible and Efficient) Prefabricated Datacenter offers a fast, flexible and efficient solution to achieve the highest quality standards for your datacenter or telecom center. Keeping your ICT free from hazards and fully supporting the high performance requirements of your ICT to run your business.

With factory build lead-time of 12 weeks, this All-in-One solution provides best in class technology and offers performance configurations optimized for power and density allowing you to adapt the capacity of your physical infrastructure quickly.

SAFE Multi-Unit All-in-One TIER III Ready

On March 12, 2019 Uptime Institute provided the SAFE MUP AiO 200 -KW DX DRUPS design with the TIER III Ready designation. After rigorous review it has satisfactorily proven ready to support Concurrent Maintainability and their readiness to support a TIER III build objective for 200 kilowatts (kW) of IT load comprised of two IT modules each with 100 kW and one central power distribution module (Model: SAFE40-MCOR2-DRUPS).

Automation SAFE explained

Secure, Autonomous, Flexible & Efficient



The most extreme conditions have no impact on this reliable, weathertight Prefabricated Datacenter solution; thermally insulated, SAFE is not only robust but also guaranteed air-, dust- and watertight.



This self sufficient system is capable of running at a remote location with low resource consumption and includes built-in power and cooling redundancy that powers your ICT equipment.



With rapid deployment in as little as 1 day on-site, this standalone Prefabricated Datacenter can be used to increase the capacity of an existing site as well. SAFE can cater for all rack and server types without ever needing any modifications to the standard execution.



Based on over 12 months’ measurements in central Europe, we guarantee a PUE ratio well below 1.2 for your SAFE Prefabricated Datacenter. Furthermore you can spread your CAPEX as your business grows and spend what is needed today with a clear upgrade path to the future.

Why Automation?

  • 20 years of experience
  • Solid steel framework
  • Tailor-made
  • Vendor-neutral
  • All-in-One – technical know-how – best in class technology
  • Fixed price and fast delivery – lower TCO
  • Part of ‘Alliance Partnership Program’ for obtaining TCCF certification once delivery of the TIER III READY datacenter is done