SAFE Multi-Unit All-in-One Tier III Ready



On March 12, 2019 Uptime Institute provided the SAFE MUP AiO 200 -KW DX DRUPS design with the TIER III Ready designation. After rigorous review it has satisfactorily proven ready to support Concurrent Maintainability and their readiness to support a TIER III build objective for 200 kilowatts (kW) of IT load comprised of two IT modules each with 100 kW and one central power distribution module (Model: SAFE40-MCOR2-DRUPS).

Customers selecting TIER III infrastructure typically have high-availability requirements of ongoing business or have identified a significant cost of disruption due to a planned data center shutdown. Such organisations often support internal and external clients 24/7. Other organisations select TIER III because their IT resources support automated business processes, or they operate a central data center supporting processes across multiple time zones, with clients and employees spanning regional areas.

Obtaining the TIER-Ready certification for the SAFE MUP AiO (All-in-One) assures our customer that the Prefabricated Modular Datacenters from Automation are built against the highest industry standards. At the same time it is a recognition of the high quality, innovation and technical know-how that is at the basis of the organization’s success’ says Jurgen Caeyman – CCO Automation Datacenter Facilities.

Concretely Automation Datacenter Facilities has developed a 200-kW pre-engineered modular datacenter that consists of two IT modules supporting IT loads of 100 kW each, housing IT and telecommunications hardware supported by a central power distribution unit (Model SAFE40-MCOR2-DRUPS). There are a total of 40 IT racks between the two IT modules; the design uses a baseline ambient temperature of 50°C while supporting a supply air inlet IT hardware cooling temperature of 25°C and a return temperature of 40°C.

‘The Tier ready certification is a result of the dedication and perseverance of the Automation engineering team. It is based on experience gained in the early 90ties by designing, manufacturing and deploying prefabricated telecom sites throughout Europe. This certification offers our customers a highly reliable solution at a low TCO, scaling with their business needs and using best in class technology available on the market’ states Patrick Collet – CTO Automation.

At the same time Automation Datacenter Facilities has entered the ‘Alliance Partnership Program’ and becomes the preferred contact for customers who want to obtain the TCCF Certification once delivery of the TIER III READY Datacenter is done.