Extension CERN Alice & LHCb-datacenters: 50% delivered


2 experiments (Alice and LHCb) will install 10 SAFE Prefabricated Datacenter Modules to extend their datacenters. The modules are located on top of the experiments (near source) allowing for huge savings on the transfer of data.

Upgrading the datacenters of Alice and LHCb by means of SAFE Prefabricated Datacenter Modules has been a strategic choice to increase computing and data-storage capacity to accommodate the growing needs over the next decade. A decision that is much appreciated by the Project managers of the experiments. It goes without saying CERN requires high performance solutions for their experiments. This fast, flexible and efficient solution complies with the highest quality standards. On top of that the SAFE Prefabricated Datacenter Modules of Automation realize optimized performance configurations when it comes to power, density and energy efficiency.


As of 2021 ALICE O2 facility will be a high-throughput computing system including heterogeneous computing platforms and disk storage systems. It will consist of 4 SAFE for HPC of which 2 are already installed.

The upgraded LHCb experiment, scheduled to start taking data in 2020, will collect data at higher luminosity compared to the present running conditions and with a significantly increased selection efficiency. Currently 4 of the 6 SAFE for HPC have been delivered. 2 SAFE Prefabricated Datacenters are operational.

During his presentation (Monday 17 June 2019 at 16:40 in Hall 3 – booth N210) Rainer Schwemmer – Applied Physicist and Data Acquisition Engineer of LHCb, will present the first results and lessons learned from the nearly 6 months of construction and operation.

Meanwhile Automation is executing on its regional expansion strategy delivering the first SAFE Prefabricated Datacenter to Mannai in Qatar. On March 12, 2019 Uptime Institute awarded this SAFE MUP AiO 200 -KW DX DRUPS design with the TIER III Ready designation. After rigorous review it has satisfactorily proven ready to support Concurrent Maintainability and their readiness to support a TIER III build objective for 200 kilowatts (kW) of IT load comprised of two IT modules each with 100 kW and one central power distribution module (Model: SAFE40-MCOR2-DRUPS). More on SAFE Multi-Unit All-in-One Tier III Ready


At the same time Automation Datacenter Facilities has entered the ‘Alliance Partnership Program’ and becomes the preferred contact for customers who want to obtain the TCCF Certification once delivery of the TIER III READY Datacenter is done.

‘Our ambitions remain high. Besides the realizations in the Middle East we focus on the European market to support companies and organisations in the development of their datacenters with our SAFE’s. The initiative of the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC)1 to install new supercomputers in 8 selected EU-countries would be a perfect match with our SAFE for HPC-solution delivering energy efficient datacenter facilities for high density compute and storage’, states Jurgen Caeyman, CCO at Automation.

1  Super computers are a top priority in the Digital Europe Program announced by the European Commission in May 2018. It concerns an investment of 2.7 billion euro and has to be completed between 2021 and 2027.