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SAFE Extreme

With the need for more analysis and decision making at the edge of the network or close to where data or information is generated or needed, SAFE’s might have to be deployed in harsh environments anywhere in the world.

To this end, Automation has developed optional features like easily transportable SAFE units, water-, salt- and dust-proof SAFE units as well as SAFE’s withstanding high ambient temperature.


Automation’s SAFE (Secure, Autonomous, Flexible and Efficient) Prefabricated Datacenter offers a fast, flexible and efficient solution to achieve the highest quality standards for your datacenter or telecom center.


Converged Infrastructure technologies are changing how we think about IT. It has an undeniable impact on how datacenters operate and are designed.

Unprecedented levels of application availability can be achieved by virtualizing data and applications across multiple fault domains. Scalability is achieved by adding additional hardware components into the clusters which are automatically added to the IT-infrastructure.

Automation has extended this concept to its prefabricated datacenter designs following the same logic. Resilience levels of the SAFE for CI are based on the Redundant Array of Independent Data Centers (RAIDC) concept in analogy with RAID in storage systems.

Rather than building a datacenter that can’t fail, the RAIDC concept proposes multiple SAFE All-in-One‘s deployed either on a campus, on a remote site or in a hybrid cloud configuration.

SAFE Cooling

The criteria for datacenters and the whole industry become more stringent concerning their economical and ecological impact. Automation’s design focusses more than ever on cooling systems that enable decreasing consumption while being highly efficient.

For the extensions of the ALICE and LHCb experiments of CERN a PUEfficiency within 1.10 is attained by means of Indirect Evaporative Cooling.

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