Automation SAFE Segments

To align with the major trends in ICT, Automation has developed a set of SAFE’s addressing specific technological developments with specific facility requirements.

Automation’s SAFE (Secure, Autonomous, Flexible and Efficient) Prefabricated Datacenter offers a fast, flexible and efficient solution to achieve the highest quality standards for your datacenter or telecom center. Keeping your ICT free from hazards and fully supporting the high performance requirements of your ICT to run your business.

SAFE for Industrial IoT

Business Critical process control and monitoring in Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical. Modern production sites require increasing amounts of process control, logging analysis and management. Rapid deployment and minimal business continuity disruption is required.

SAFE for Telco Cloud

With the rapidly increasing need for more data throughput of mobile, residential and business users, Telecom operators and service providers are faced with some difficult challenges, as the telecom infrastructure is in need of a major upgrade.

SAFE for High Performance Computing

With the growing business need to process larger amounts of data and due to the availability of affordable high performance computing systems, the stress on existing datacenter facilities increases every day.

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